If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. --- In Happy moments, praise God. --- In Difficult moments, seek God. --- In Quiet moments, worship God. --- In Painful moments, trust God. --- In Every moment, thank God.

Clean and Green

Save Earth.
We Have Nowhere Else To Go!

The Earth is Yours. Save it!

Plant a tree, green the earth,
clean the air, live happily

Save the Earth or Die

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Nature Saves Us,
We Have to Save Nature

Don't Waste Water

Protect our Environment.
Keep it Safe

To Print or Not to Print

Do You Need to Print?

Think....Before You Print

Buy Local

Go Green for Life

To Sit in the Shade,
You Have to Save Paper First

Don't Waste Water

Save Paper,
Save Trees,
Save the Planet

Easier Saving Paper
Than Planting Trees

Save the Earth, Plant a Tree!

There's No Planet B

Live the Green Dream

Eat Sleep Recycle

Go Green

Burn Calories Not Oil

Singapore Zoo, Singapore

Universal Studios, Singapore
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